Perhaps motorized blinds will be the finishing touch on your smart home, or perhaps you realized you simply had to have them. Besides being a really cool gadget, what other benefits do they confer? Are they really as easy as they look?

The reasons that people decide to install motorized blinds are as diverse as the homes that feature them.

The Convenience Factor

It’s impossible to discuss whether or not motorized blinds or shades are the right solution for you without examining the convenience factor.

Though opening and shutting blinds and shades is not in itself such an onerous task, consider what else is associated with opening and shutting your blinds: Untangling the cord, making sure the blinds are oriented in the right direction, making sure they are even. It’s no wonder that many people leave their shades in the same position day in and day out! It’s just easier.

As Part of a Smart Home Solution

More consumers are looking for ways to manage their homes simply and intuitively and to integrate those controls with the devices they rely on each day. We have the option to install smart thermostats, which regulate the temperature of our home, alarm systems that allow us to view our entryways remotely, and built-in speakers connected by WiFi. 

You want your motorized blinds to integrate seamlessly into your life. That means you want to be able to control them from your smartphone, or schedule them to change position. Cordless and quiet, your motorized blinds or shades are a huge step towards smart.

Greening Your Home

People who make the switch to motorized blinds often do so because they are interested in home energy management. When you coordinate your shade position with the position of the sun, not only do you reduce your energy consumption, but you reduce costly energy bills.

As part of your heating and cooling system, motorized blinds help you make smart energy decisions, enhance the comfort of your home, and save money. That’s a win-win-win for those looking to green their homes!

Customization is Key

Your Somfy motor is designed to work with a variety of window treatment styles, including Roman or woven shades, roller shades, and pleated or cellular shades. You don’t have to privilege motorization over style because a motorized solution can work and enhance almost any style of blind you fancy.

Protect Your Furniture

Another important benefit of motorized blinds is that, when timed with the time of day, they can protect furniture, photos, and art from sun damage. Somfy also offers sun sensor technology, which detects when sun hits the window and closes your blinds accordingly. Are you looking to keep your striking peacock blue couch striking? If the sun beats down on it each day for several hours at a time, you can expect its vibrant colors to dampen. The same goes for hardwood floors, wall paint, and those treasured family photos. Unless you plan to drape your belongings in sheets for most of the day, you likely are looking to find a solution.