Order Via On-Line, Fax, Mail, E-mail or Phone

Designers and Retailers: Internet orders are accepted 24 hours a day 7 days a week on our website at account-log-in. An e-mail confirmation will automatically be sent to you acknowledging your order. If you will provide customer service with your e-mail address, we can send shipping confirmations on all orders that are placed on-line with DSC Window Fashions.

Fax, Mail or E-mail orders are also accepted and confirmations will be sent out automatically. Please advise customer service if you do not receive a confirmation. Phone orders are also accepted. All phone orders are tape recorded and read back for accuracy. Any incorrect information must be brought to our attention at the time that the order is placed. Phone orders are the dealer’s responsibility.


No changes or cancellations will be accepted on an order that has been started or materials have been cut or ordered. If the order has not been started you must contact DSC and request a cancellation number. A cancellation number will be provided to you by DSC Management.

Shortages and Freight Damage

Check all shipments carefully for damage and the correct piece count. If packages are damaged or missing, notify DSC customer service immediately. Save all packaging materials for inspection by the carrier when damages occur. On LT or truck shipments, be sure to sign the freight bill as damaged or short at the time you receive the shipment. In case of concealed damage notify the carrier immediately for inspection.

Repair Charges

Shades to be repaired must be clean (free of dust and dirt) or they will be returned at the customer’s expense.

Contact DSC Window Fashions with original work order number and we will be happy to provide you a quote for your repair service.
  • Restrings – All products except Hi-Tech® Ultimate and Infinity Styles
  • Restrings of Hi-Tech® Ultimate and Infinity Styles
  • Reslat
  • Hi-Tech® Conversions (Headrails or Top Down/Bottom Up)
  • Shortening Shades
  •  Lengthening Shades (up to 10” only)